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Who we are:

Home Control is a Custom Home Automation Network Design and Installation firm based in Newark ,Delaware ,United Sates  assists in providing clients in taking intelligent control of their home with a streamlined smart home technology experience - using a mobility device such as smart phone or tablet. Home-Control’s goal is to be a trusted lead mobile digital designer and consultancy firm in integrated building technology space that advises clients on a suitable home automation system that best meets their requirements and budget.


Our Services:

Home Control services include network design, network documentation of custom mobile integrated technology systems, both for existing or new homes. Other services include designing a smart home website, and a customizable mobile application for home automation systems based on the clients’ mobility requirements. 


Why our firm:

The purpose of Home Control is to provide for a custom, and innovative unified user experience by making the clients’ life more efficient and easy, integrating both technology and home lifestyle. This touches all aspects of the home such as: Energy Management, Home Monitoring, Home Security, Home Health and Home Control. We are a company that does not sell a product, a task automation or a contract, but rather we will sell an enhancement to a lifestyle.


Our Clients:

We will work with new and existing homeowners (seeking a new build, house move, or renovation), home builders, architects and engineers that are working on constructing new residential buildings in the United States .

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